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Monday, January 26, 2009

All Quiet On The Western Front

We all know January and February are quiet months if you're in the music business, but it seems a little too quiet this time around. Even the upright bass players who usually have their pick of gigs are at home with empty calendars. With companies cutting everything extra out of their budgets, that sweet (and high-paying) Chinese New Year gig just didn't happen this time around. The leads for future gigs have gone dead too - either my email server must be out, or your average person finally realized that they just don't like jazz.

During the long, harsh winter is when us working musicians contemplate the switch to a dynamic career in heating and air conditioning repair.

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Facing You...but facing me, too. said...

Nowadays, it seems like entertainment is always the first thing to go when times get tough. During the Great Depression, it was the opposite: people spent what little money they had on entertainment, because they wanted to take a break from their troubles.

The problem is, people don't see good art as entertainment anymore. They want their entertainment to be safe and manageable. Rather than hear something different, it seems as though most people would rather play sing-a-long at a karaoke bar. I'm not trying to devalue karaoke, I'm just saying is all....

Anyways, I guess I'm trying to hint at what I see as a larger problem: a lack of self reflection in American society. Perhaps it is partially due to the influence of the past eight years--a president who by his own account would rather use his gut than critical thinking. However, I think this "erosion of the thoughtful" has been happening for awhile.

Maybe it's this: great art--jazz, forces us to listen: to ourselves and the music. Unfortunately, some people either aren't ready, or don't want to do that.

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