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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's on the turntable??

Just kidding. What's a turntable? Here are some of the CD's I've been checking out.

(Yes, I still buy CD's. I know I am old fashioned, but I would much rather listen to my dish-disposal than pay money to buy MP3 files.)

David Binney - sax
Edward Simon - piano
Scott Colley - bass
Brian Blade - drums
Luciana Souza - vocals
Adam Rogers - guitar
Shane Endsley - trumpet
Jesse Newman - trumpet
Alan Ferber - trombone
Pernell Saturnino - percussion

A great record. Brian Blade is really in top form on this disc. Altoist Binney also offers up some inspiring solos without resorting to the usual saxophone acrobatics and unabashed displays of technique. Definitely a whole-album concept, this is a good listen from start to finish. Don't give in to the ipod temptation of single-serve tracks!

Archetect of the Silent Moment
Scott Colley - bass
David Binney - sax
Gregoire Maret - harmonica
Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Craig Taborn - piano / keyboards
Antonio Sanchez - drums
Jason Moran - piano
Adam Rogers - guitar

Another gem. This record is a showcase of Colley's compositions, and he achieves a unique tonal palate with the instrumentation of keyboards, harmonica, trumpet, and alto. Colley certainly takes a broad view of the modern jazz aesthetic - this disc will surprise you with its originality and lack of cliches. The overall concept here is far more refined than on Colley's previous effort, Initial Wisdom.

I am also dying to get my hands on a copy of David Binney's new record, Third Occasion, which was just released this past Monday.

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Jerusalem Jones said...

Mr. Keys, may I call you Palm? Excellent. I think I have heard of your sister, Mary. Anyway, yes, you are old fashioned. This is the exact reason why you would never survive the change in regime when I rule the world. Don't despair, too much. You humans never taste good with the after-taste of despair, or the before taste of wet-pants. Please keep this in mind, when you hear me coming.

Your soon-to-be Caesar,
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