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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Transcription Series no. 1 - Redman -

- Transcription Series -

Inside the Artist: Joshua Redman

The best way to get inside the mind of a soloist is through transcription. Through memorization, practice, and playing along, you not only uncover the structure of the solo, but get a window into the subtleties of the phrasing, articulation, and tone of the player. By physically duplicating every nuance of the solo as accurately as possible, you are training your ear to a much higher level than by merely writing the solo down on paper.

In this regular series I'll demonstrate by playing along with various saxophonists. The first video is the head and intro to Joshua Redman's Belonging (Lopsided Lullaby). Redman is playing alto on this piece. [to see the video, go to - the video does not show up properly in RSS feeds]

If you are interested in the process, David Liebman's video The Improviser's Guide to Transcription [DVD-Caris Music Services] is highly recommended!

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