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San Diego Saxophone Lessons
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Thursday, May 9, 2013


A drummer friend of mine once told me “You know why I like Chris Potter? He plays paradiddles on his saxophone”. Potter is one of the most rhythmic saxophonists I can think of, and he also has an extensive command of articulation. I've noticed that players like Potter, Donny McCaslin, Rudresh Mahanthappa, and others are very adept at incorporating quick, repeated-notes into their lines.

Here's a paradiddle-scale exercise I came up with to help work on that sort of articulation. This is also a great exercise for improving the slur-two, tongue-two articulation seen often in classical pieces.

Key of C Major:

I recommend working these up with a metronome, and then playing them over an Aebersold, sequencer, or another play-along track to get the feel of using them with a rhythm section.

Key of F Major:

Try inverting the paradiddle for a different variant. I hear this snippet in modern jazz fairly often:

 For the complete exercise, download the free PDF sheetmusic.

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