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Monday, December 16, 2013

Soprano of the Week: Alex Sipiagin's 'Mood 2'

I picked up a soprano this summer, and I'm going to start posting short soprano transcriptions every week. In private lessons, I encourage playing along with the original recordings of jazz tunes and really trying to capture the vibe of the horn parts. If you are successful, you can blend in and sound as if you are part of the actual record. So, in hopes of improving my soprano concept, I'll be posting myself playing along to some of my favorite soprano heads.

This is Chris Potter's part on Alex Sipiagin's 'Mood 2'. Sipiagin plays trumpet and flugelhorn in the Dave Holland Big Band (among other groups). I've always been intrigued by his writing so I finally got around to figuring out the soprano harmony part on this one. It's mostly there, but on a few notes I'm not 100% sure if the note is played by the soprano, voice, or the alto. This is written in a fast 7/4, but it's kind of slippery because there are so many hits in the rhythm section (it seems deceiving but it actually stays in 7 the whole time).

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